Rupp Marketing Office

Rupp Marketing is a full-service advertising and marketing agency. We are sales driven – YOUR sales, to be specific. Our job is to raise your sales numbers year after year. We’ve done it for some of the largest banks, automotive dealerships, schools and casinos in the South. And we can do it for you. Simply contact Bob Rupp to get the process started.

What is the process, you ask? It all revolves around you. Each client is different. For some, sales are driven by electronic media – television, radio, digital advertising. These, we can target to your specific audience to maximize your ROI. Other businesses generate more sales through direct mail, email marketing and one-on-one sales contact. In those situations, we can develop a targeted sales strategy, reach out to customers, and arm your sales team with tools that make their job easier.


To accomplish this “client centered” approach, we custom build an account team just for you. Our team consists of artists, writers, media experts, digital developers, and content creators who have been working together with Rupp Marketing for over twenty years.

But it doesn’t end there, because we follow your sales in real time, adjusting seasonally and dynamically as needed. Our newest digital efforts allow for continuous tracking of leads and sales and they are directed to you. We support your sales team and advise them monthly, weekly and even daily on capturing more marketshare from customers online and on premises.


Contact us to get started!